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Damn, now i'm IT

Tagged by: moon_maiden36

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First: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question. Yeah, was too lazy to do that last part.

Second: Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you. In short: OBEY. NO TAG BACKS! XD

Who sleeps in bed next to you?
No one. Gosh, that is sad. But then again I can't stand not having all of my bed to myself and I get too hot really easily so I guess it works for me right now.

Have you ever lied to a teacher to get out of a deadline?
Naw, I usually just deal with it.

What kind of magazines do you read?
Wow, this is actually one of my vices...and many people like to mooch off of it. I love fashion magazines. Marie Claire, Cosmo, Bazaar, Glamor. Also, I'm mildly addicted to those tabloid mags like People Magazine. Everyone has a vice or two, this is mine ;)

If you could see one band in concert right now, any band, dead or alive, which would it be?
I don't really like concerts since they are really loud and the bands usually aren't that great live but I guess I'd like to see Yellowcard.

What's really creepy?
Men with porn mustaches, sunken ships, ...and a lot of other things that i can't really think of at the moment.

Name one odd item within five feet of you.
The little wooden mannequin on my desk appears to be walking like an Egyptian at the moment.

What's your current fandom/obsession/addiction?
Star Trek and its fanfiction. Go Spock/Kirk! (Spork?)

What are you listening to right now?
Baxter (yippy little dog) barking and it's really hurting my ears at the moment.

What are you most excited for?
Halloween and for the school year to be over with again.

What websites do you always visit when you go online?
LJ, deviantart, fanfiction.net, facebook, my school's email page

What was the last thing you bought?
A sandwich at school.

What's you favorite season?
Fall. I love the smell of burning leaves and the moldy woody smell of hay. Also apple picking and leaves changing. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Does the weather affect your mood?
Alot. I'm so much more happy and energetic on sunny days and in the summer. Winter and cloudy/rainy days depress me.

What is your zodiac sign?

Do you want to learn another language?
Already got that covered. Japanese and German.

5 things (not people) you can't live without?
The internet, my computer, my book/manga collection, Halloween, my cell phone (or some kind of phone)

Do you have any siblings?
Boy do I ever. 1 twin sis, 1 half sis, 4 steps sisters (two sets of twins)

What's something you'd like to say to someone right now?
I miss you.

What's your earliest memory?
I have so many memories of my early childhood that I don't really know which one's are the earliest but I guess I'll say...
When I was really young, i remember crawling out of my crib to my parents room.

Say something to the person who tagged you:
GOD, another meme, woman?! JK, love ya hun!


Why August, Why!!??

Like usual August just flew by and now school starts next week (the 'blaaaa' heard 'round the world). Between major car expenses that seemed to have popped up at the same time, school payment, supplies and book, I'm more in monetary hell then ever. Why can't i just win the lottery and save me and several other people the annoyance of no money? Anyway, emoing out of the way.

At work the other day I realized that I never hear certain words anymore. Like for instance, rapture. I turned to a girl at work and told her my thoughts and she responded that she had never ever heard the word 'rapture' before....which sort of proves my point that it isn't used that much anymore if my co-worker didn't even know what the word meant...that or she just wasn't all that bright, which might actually be the case. Another word is 'nefarious'. Such a lovely word I think. So to break the slump of not having heard the word in a while i used it while at work...though i can't remember the sentence i used it in, but trust me, it was an awesome sentence ;)

Hmmm, whats new?.... My current obsessions are Stat Trek, Tru Blood,and the mangas The One and Skip Beat. Kirk/Spock is my new yaoi couple love!! And the show Tru Blood and the novels it was based off of, The Southern Vampire Mysteries (or also called, The Sookie Stackhouse Novels), are soooo awesome!! They satisfy my girlie romance fix. I could go on and on about how awesomely awesome they are but then I would be revealing spoilers and we can't have that now can we.

That's it for now.
Ta Ta loves

Almost done

I'm so happy I only have two weeks left of school!!! And on an annoyed note, the 'rents left for Las Vegas today for the week. Seriously? They didn't tell N or I at all. THe only reason I knew was because I heard Lorraine on the phone talking to her brother about it and how "We really just needed to get away. It's been so long since we've gone on vacation and relaxed." .......Really? My last vacation was in August. The 'rents just got back from Arizona a couple weeks ago (granted, they both had food poisoning and the flu for the whole trip) and in January they went to a resort in Mexico. And yesterday I confirmed with my dad that they were leaving today. ...So, thanks for the warning, dad. School is pretty damn stressful. I think every one of my friends and fellow students would agree that any sort of vacation would be welcome right now. But seeing as how I can't really afford one until the summer starts and I can work full-time, I won't be going on one for a bit. The part that annoyed me the most was that they didn't tell me. I had to ask if they were leaving...which seems to be a come occurrence as of late. Stupid family.


Hazzah!!! Acen finally announced some more voice actors that will be coming; the two I'm most excited for are Caitlin Glass and...VIC MIGNOGNA!!!!! I love him sooooo much. I'm so happy he's coming again this year. I was worried that no one worth while (in my opinion) was coming. Vic is probably the nicest, sweetest person I've ever met. So hopefully Acen won't be a total loss since most of my best friends aren't going this year (you know who you all are ;). Wishing you guys could be there!


Meme time!

I got this from moon_maiden36 who got it from someone else. My topic is about the Hitachiin twins.
fun fun funCollapse )

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everybody! So, yesterday I was completely bored (what a waste of a perfect day off of work). Later we wanted to see a movie....and this is really embarrassing to admit but we saw.....Hannah Montana. Don't laugh. I sorta wanted to see for some reason I'm still not able to fully comprehend. It's sorta like reading cheesy, girlie romance teen novels...which I sometimes do as well. But the movie wasn't that bad. The HOT HOT HOT cowboy made it worth it. And I don't actually mind Hannah's singing either. Some of her songs are pretty good and I think her voice is interesting. But I am definitely not a Hannah Montana fan! The tv show bugs the shit outta me. But whatever. The 'rents, however, thought us going to see the movie was the funniest thing ever. I got a call from my step-mom, and when I answered all I heard was laughing! She and my dad even went out and bought us Hannah Montana calendars as a joke. Thanks 'rents. ...jerks...lol.

Yay, cheerful!

Yay, I have off of work today so I got to sleep in.....which i would have done anyway since I was doing my accounting homework until 4am this morning. This was also during a party we were having, so plenty of people were milling around. These people were mostly friends of Karie....including her two ex-boyfriends (awkward much). Karie sure finds the weirdest boys. One of them was chewing tobacco (gross! and I told him if he got any of that crap anywhere I'd hit him) and the other was smoking pot outside my front door (which I totally do not condone and we told him so and he promptly stopped. but not before the entire house smelled like it, urgh.) The party was a little rowdy for my taste since the majority was over 20 years old and were drinking so Karie had to drive most of them home. Luckily the 'rents weren't home and we fabreezed the house, but we later told them about what happened and they thought it was funny. But all in all the people were nice and they seemed to have a fun time so whatever. Yesterday was one of my sets of twins sisters' birthdays, they turned 20. So today we are having a cook out...(despite the chance of SNOW today!! Go away snow!!) Mmmmm, hamburgers... And I think I might go to a craft fair today as well.



Hmm, I feel like rambling about randomness today. ... I never thought that a day would come when I would actually want to move out of my parents house (i hate that term 'parents house', since I've lived here for over a decade now which spanned most of my childhood and i like to think of this home as equally mine.)Anyway, little things keep popping up that drive me absolutely insane or make me feel less welcome in my own home. For instance, both my step-mom and step-sister walk into my room all the time without my permission or extended warning and take my things.
Now I've never been really possessive about my stuff and I'll gladly share or lend if someone asks first, but when people take my stuff without asking it really ticks me off; even more so because I would never in a million years do that back to someone else no matter how mad I was or ever at all(except for N cause she's my twin and all, so different rules apply.) For some reason I just can't stand up for myself when it comes to those I care about because I start to think about how I'd feel if someone told me not to take there stuff (sad and embarrassed) and I couldn't bare to inflict those kinds of things on others. So I don't say anything at all and I silently get more and more upset. What happened to "Do unto others as you would have other do unto you"?
And the food issue in the house is a real problem. I go to the frig and start to make a sandwich and someone yells at me "That's so-and-so's lunch meat", so i reach for the spaghetti, "That's for the such-and-such-an-event", well, can i eat this banana? ..."no, that's your step-mom's"
........Is there anything in here that I can eat at all? Chances are a resounding "No." Since when has all the food in the house become off limits? I thought groceries were for everyone to eat. I know that when i go food shopping i buy food for the whole family, not just myself. Is everyone buying their own food now? Am I supposed to as well? No one has told me anything, though that wouldn't be the first on the list of things I'm not told in this family.
It's starting to feel like everyone at home is starting to slowly alienate N and I from the family and making us want to leave. Well, congrats, it's starting to work. Unfortunately, I don't make enough money to support myself fully. I take out student loans for school; my dad pays for probably half of my food now (thanks to the above issue), my car insurance, health insurance, phone bill, and rent/utility here in this "home". So all I'm paying for/can afford is the gas for my car and food and all the other random things like books/necessities/entertainment. Rather sad. So I'm stuck here feeling more resentful by the day and I can't do anything about it. I can't move out and I could never in a million years tell my family how I feel because it would either anger and/or sadden them, which I couldn't bare to do, especially not my dad.
And I think the most hurtful thing that seems to happen lately is that no one tells me important things. Like the my step-mom's brother has cancer, or that one of my step-sister's on-again-off-again boyfriend tried to kill himself, or that their great aunt that they are close to fell down the stairs and needs constant care now, or when important family get together are. The family acts like N and I are so selfish and lazy because we don't know what is going on, but the truth is that I want to know but no one tells me. I find out at the most inopportune times and then I feel dumb or callous for not having known.
Wow, this was more depressing than I thought it would turn out but whatever. Ta ta til lata.


Dreams do come true!!!!

Wow, one of my favorite NaruSasu fanfics of all time just updated and finished....after 5 YEARS!! I almost died when I check lj today. ...anyway, just wanted to spread my happiness :)

In other news, my one credit Global Food Crisis class has made me feel so disgusted with food and the government that I just dont wanna eat anything anymore. I feel like planting a garden and raising pigs for the rest of my life. Me, N and some other friends in the class just get so worked up and upset in that class (it's a good thing, we love the class) that I almost feel like becoming an only organic vegetarian. And I know that would never happen before hell froze over because I love food and meat so much but....damn. I dont like feeling like a government hating, down-with-big-corporation, hippie.

On a happier note, I'm done with my accounting and Japanese midterm. Thank God! How i did? Im not sure. The 'rents are on vacation again, but thats ok cause the weather has been in the 60s as of late so i dont feel so bummed. And N and I are doing make-up for MHS's musical, West Side Story. Surprisingly the kids this year are pretty good, even though they arent as good of dancers like the previous classes (talking bout you Moonwench hunny ;)you know the dance..) But the younger kids really have to learn some respect. I am older, more experienced, and the make-up head so therefore I should be listened too, and I am but with resistance every step of the way. But whatever.

Grocery Stores

As some might know, I work in a grocery store; the deli specifically. And when working in one you really get to learn a whole lot about the shoppers. Most things you absolutely hate. And this is what this post is mostly going to be about...all the things my co-workers and I hate about shoppers. That's right, we do judge people when we serve them. So I'll start the list in no particular order.....(and a warning: this doesn't apply to everyone, just the abnoxiuos selfish assholes. Most customers are very curteous.)

~ .97 lbs or 1.02lbs is close enough to a pound...so don't push your luck. I'm not going to sprinkle on an extra dusting of meat,cheese, or salad so the customer can stop having an aneurysm. Seriously, I have people bitch about it all the time.

~ DON'T TALK ON YOU'RE CELL PHONE!!! I don't care how important the call is...chances are that if the call was that important you wouldn't be pressed up against the glass of the meat counter. Go somewhere else so that I don't think that you might want help...or don't randomly whisper to me your order so as not to be RUDE TO THE PERSON ON THE PHONE. What am I? A piece of head cheese (really, why would any buy that crap?)It is just as rude not to give me you're full attention as to the person on the phone.

~ And this also goes along with the phone rule, cause it happens then too...Look at me when I'm talking to you or at least acknowledge that I asked if you need help. Don't just ignore me to only give me your order when you deem it appropriate. At least tell me you need time to think so that I'm not repeating myself.

~ Telling me "Give me some turkey" is not going to help me. We have TONS of turkey. What kind? Or what brand? How much? And the same goes for "give me the stuff on sale". We have loads on sale. Here are the things that make our job easier...You say the specific item (ex. Jennie-O Honey Turkey), how much you want (ex. 2 lbs), and if it is being cut then how you want it cut (ex. sliced or shaved).

~ And here is a helpful hint to customers from me...If you ask us how old the stuff in the meat case is, we lie. At least at my store, nothing is EVER a day old. But what I won't tell you is that, yes, that roast beef has been in there a couple hours...we'd probably tell you it is only a half hour old. Or if i think it still looks good, i might say it was just cut. But chances are that the meat really isn't that old and it is still perfectly good because we keep on having to fill the case all day as it gets empty. And I have no problem cutting something fresh for a customer, but when they get snooty with me I get pissed...Here is a real example i had...
Lady comes in and looks at the meat case. I ask her if she needs any help. She looks at me and says, very haughtily, "I want the Italian roast beef 'fresh cut'. I never get anything from the case. I can't believe anyone would." She then stands there primly and acts like she didn't just knowingly or unknowingly insult all the other customers...who didn't look to happy with her either. Stupid bitch.

~ On weekends, when it the busiest, we have the numbered slips of paper to ensure orderly service.....SO TAKE THE GOD-DAMN NUMBERS!! I don't care if you were here first and no one has helped you yet, because guess what, chances are that you heard us yelling numbers and the fact the we might be going by numbers never occured to you? And if we called you're number and you didn't hear it, WE DID NOT SKIP YOU, as customers are apt to say. It is not our fault, it's yours. We are calling the number VERY loudly so to avoid people not hearing their number. And if you are the one idiot who was looking at aged cheddar in the cooler area and didn't pay attention, sucks to be you.

~ If it is 8:00pm or later (most delis are closed, but our particular deli is open till late) it is not my fault that there is no more chicken, rotisserie or fried. The ovens and fryers have to come down at some point. There are other customers who got here first, so be faster, or better yet call the store and ask if they can set something aside for you to pick up at a certain time (we'd gladly do it). So don't bitch to me (this is something someone actually said to me) that you were counting on the rotissery chicken for dinner and now your whole plan if off and you have no clue what to make. Tough luck. It's not my fault. We make as many chickens as we can for however many people we predict will buy them, and if there is an unexpected boom in customers, then survival of the fastest.

~ Don't tell me your sob story about how the last time you got such and such, it was bad or old or what-have-you. What am I gonna do? ANd more importantly, why should i care? If it was bad, then why didn't you tell customer service the week ago when you had bought it? And what do you want me to do? Just take you're meat and leave.

I guess I'll stop there, although there is PLENTY more were that came from. And I hope it doesn't sound like all deli employees are people haters who serve old food and have bad attitudes, cause we don't. We are trying to earn a living while in food service (possibly the worst job category to be in). And I am a very good people person, assholes just piss me off. I can't really remember what grocery shopping was like before i worked in a deli so i can't say that i haven't commited some of these annoying follies, but i do know better now. So next time, try to treat your deli employee with respect.