Watching The Clouds Go By

For I Am The Queen Of Procrastination

Wow, I finally decided to update this bio, cause I guess I'm not new here anymore. Well, what to say, what to say.... hmmmmm, well I guess I'll explain the name of my lj; I'm rather lazy and I'd rather not do much soooo (being the Naruto fan I am) I'd probably relate real well with Shikamaru so watching clouds go by would be nice. And "for I am the Queen[king] of Procrastination" came from the poem 'Green Eggs and Hamlet' (a spoof of Hamlet's To Be or Not to Be). Sooo ya, that explains that. Umm, I like to write when I get around to it, and I travel quite a bit, but I hate airplanes. I also like to take a lot of photos when traveling so I'm almost never in any picture with my friends. .....Umm, I hope someday to be an entrepreneur in something fashion related or something that involves international travel. I guess that's it for now. ;)